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Other hosting websites for this software

The following domains have authorized hosting and distribution for the ULIX TxT Editor Software. PLease note that each one of these sites are hosting virus free and LEGALLY OBTAINED copies of the ULIX TxT Editor Software. Each site (domain name) has been assigned its own 16 digit Authorized Distributor ID Code (DAC) which can be entered and verified against our database, found at www.kambelserle.info/DAC, to verify that you are indeed getting a valid virus free copy of this software. Thank You. The ID's can be seen below next to the domain name in question. That is all.

Download ID Codes

Download.com {23752309NIMN-PPE}
KambelSerle.info {9SA9DOUSA8FD-289}
MiyuStory.com {00ASD9AS0D6D-08I}
SourceForge.net {07SAD761MWE0-994}
Stahuj.cz {ASD7A9SOD8AS-923}
ZendaSearch.com {N7AUSYEDGAYI-VSD}