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It would appear that you are interested in further pursuing your quest to know and to own ULIX TxT Editor. So I welcome you to the Download page of our website. The latest version can always be found here on this website as well as other hosting sites, see list under the link "Other Hostings" found on the left menu, and will always be at the top most section of this page (see below).

Version No. Size Download as
9.2.0 23.7Mb (exe/msi)
124.3Mb (ISO)
.exe .msi .iso
9.1.0 20.2Mb .exe .msi .iso
9.0.0 19.9Mb .exe .msi .iso
8.1.0 18.5Mb .exe .msi .iso
8.0.0 18.4Mb .exe .msi .iso
for more downloads, please refer to the 'Previous Win32 releases' page