ULIX TxT Editor on Sourceforge.net


Unlinke some program and software creators, I provide proper credit where credit is due. The following is a list of credits that are well deserved to be mentioned:

  1. Credit to Kambel Serle for the creation of this help file and the ULIX TxT Editor program.
  2. Credit to Inno Setup for the creation of the Setup Wizard.
  3. Credit to SourceForge.net for hosting this project.
  4. Credit to Microsoft HTML Help Workshop for the compilation of this Help file
  5. A special thanks to Ubuntu for supplying this program with the Ubuntu Font Family fonts, which were installed into the Fonts folder of the OS you are using upon installation of this software.
  6. Thank you Sublime Text, Notepad++,Code::Blocks, and Brackets Text Editors for the Editor used to create the code for this software.
  7. GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program was used to create all icons associated with this program.
  8. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and OpenOffice UNIX versions were used to design version 1.0 of this website
  9. This version (2.0+) of the website was proudly designed using the ULIX TxT Editor Software