ULIX TxT Editor on Sourceforge.net


Within the Editor Popup Menu, contains multiple Editing options, such as Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Clear Clipboard, Find, Find and Replace, and Date and Time. In this section I will briefly explain what each option is used for, even if you already know, it's always good to mention them for those who don't know.


Undo is a function performed to reverse the action of an earlier action.


You can reverse more than one action that has been undone. You can use Redo only after using the Undo command.


This Option allows the user to Remove a section of Text or a paragraph of Text and have it ready to be placed somewhere else, such as later on in the document, or into another file


This Option works similarly to that of the Cut. The only difference is that the Text you copy remains in tact in the document, but still able to be placed elsewhere, whether in the same 1document or another file


The Paste Option allows you to insert the piece of Text that you had Cut, or Copied, and place it into the document, or another file (if applicable).

Select All 

Selects all of the text in your document.

Clear Clipboard

Removes everything that has been copied to the paste command. Once this action has been performed, there will be nothing available to paste using the paste command.


Allows the user to find a word or phrase somewhere in the File or Document.

Find and Replace 

Use Find and Replace to find a word, Correct it, or Replace it with another word. This can be done for One word, or all the Same words within the File or Document.

Date and Time 

The Time/Date Option allows the program to insert today's date and time into your document. This is helpful for making a reminder about the last time you updated or created a document.