ULIX TxT Editor on Sourceforge.net


As of version, I have introduced many NEW options in the Main Menu. One of them is the "Insert" menu. This menu has all new items never-before-seen in the ULIX TxT Editor program. Look through the sections below to found out how to use each new feature and find out what is one is designed for.

Single-lined tab'd indentation 

Simply put...The Single-lined tab'd indentation is a quick way to insert a tab at the location of the cursor. Note that like the option says, it can only be used on a single-line each time you use it.

Insert Snippets 

For those that do not know what snippets are, they are insertable pieces of code that can be placed in any document when needed. The program installs 25 of these snippets by default. To obtain more you can download them via this website or via the Menu option button found in the program. For more details on downloading more snippets, refer to the next topic on this page.

Download more Snippets

By default, when you install version of the ULIX TxT Editor program on your Pc or Linux, you will have 25 Snippets by default. To obtain more snippets you may click this option in the menubar or refer to the Download Snippets page located on this website under the Downloads tab in the navigation bar.

Insert a File 

This option is similar to that of the Insert Snippets, only it allows you to import complete documents, from known file types, into your already open and existing document.