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Shortcut Buttons Explained

As you may have noticed, In version 11.0 and later, there are new photo buttons that have appeared in the shortcut's bar. I will explain what each one is for.

Shortcut Buttons found in the Shortcut's bar

Creates a new blank document for you to work with
Opens a file for you to work on, modify and continue
Saves your current progress. This becomes Save as when saving for the first time for each new document created.
Copies and removes selected text that is either un-necessary or prepares it to be relocated later on.
Copies selected text for duplicating later on within the document or into a new file.
Pastes selected text that has been previously cut or copied into the document at the users current cursor location.
Clear's the current Clipboard resetting the paste command to its default blank/empty state.
Selects all the text in a document.
Inserts a TAB like space into the position marker of the input cursor.
Makes it easier to find something within the document.
Inserts Snippets into your document
Undo the mistake you have done, or remove something that you didn't mean to do
You can reverse more than one action that has been undone. You can use Redo only after using the Undo command.
Allows you to go into a distraction-free mode. When enabled, nothing but the program's UI will be visible on the screen, that includes the Start Menu and the taskbar.
connects you to the online UpdateChecker webpage to view available updates.
Brings you to the Support section of the ULIX TxT Editor website.
Brings you to the Official ULIX TxT Editor website (The website you are currently on is the website you will be brought to).