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Viewing Options

The Viewing Options menu options has been revamped since the previous releases. We have removed pointless features, such as fonts and wrapping, and disabled ones that should not be removed as to keep them active at all times, such as Status Bar. We have also added many new features to this menu as well, such as Fullscreen mode, Line Numbering, Line Highlighting and Color schemes.

Show Line Numbers

By default, this mode cannot be turned off. Line numbers will appear beside the row of text you are working with to help identify where an error in your code is located. It also comes in handy to display how many lines of lines you have typed so far. Currently tested to work upto 1 million rows of text now without crashing.

Highlight Current Line

Simply put, this command allows the user (you) to see what line you are currently working on. When This option is enabled, it will display a unique background color on the line where the cursor input marker is located.

Status Bar

This option is enabled by default however its ability to hide it has been disabled. Shows you the Current version of the program, the current time, great for when using the Fullscreen mode as the start menu and taskbar will be hidden in Fullsceen mode, as well as the current Line and column you are working with.

Fullscreen mode 

Allows you to go into a distraction-free mode. When enabled, nothing but the program's UI will be visible on the screen, that includes the Start Menu and the taskbar. This is one reason why we have added something that no other text editor in the world has in their code... on onscreen accurate display of your computer's clock right conveniantly located in the Program's Status Bar, like the one shown here:

Themes [Submenu]

Have a favorite look in mind, try out one of the 10+ default color scchemes found within the UTE UI mainframe. Click on an image below to see the full size and clarity of each individual color scheme and its unique setup. Please note that color schemes can only last the duration of the length that ULIX TxT Editor is running, when closed out of the UTE Program, the color schemes will return to default. Also each color scheme is uniquely associated with each open window of the UTE progam, meaning that you can have multiple color schemes runing at the same time however not within the same window.
Theme Name
Theme Name
DefaultDefaultDefaultSimply WhiteSimply WhiteSimply White
Dreary MidnightDreary MidnightDreary MidnightThe Color of LoversThe Color of LoversThe Color of Lovers
Solar FlareSolar FlareSolar FlareEarthEarthEarth
Classic UTEClassic UTEClassic UTESunset on CloudsSunset on CloudsSunset on Clouds
ForestryForestryForestryPure NightPure NightPure Night
Scenic OceanScenic OceanScenic Ocean